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What Does a “Normal” Day of Depression look like?

by The Radically Adorkable Sarah
Shows Depression

Depression From My Perspective

This is what a day of being depressed looked like to me. This article shows what MY life was like for a period of time. My version of depression can be different from yours.

My alarm went off, I hit snooze. I fell back asleep and was awoken again by the blaring of my alarm. I hit snooze again, and this repeated itself for about an hour. The time that I have to leave for work is slowly creeping up on me, But here I am still in bed where it is safe and warm. Casually I sniff my armpits, they stink like all hell, but oh well. 

Shit, I only have 5 minutes till I am supposed to walk out the door for work. Bills don’t pay themselves you know. Running to the bathroom I clean my pits with baby wipes and throw on some deodorant. I look at myself in the mirror and see a zombie staring back. Quickly I go through my dirty clothes hamper, because who really has time for laundry? I do the sniff test on some jeans and a shirt, they smell but they will have to do. Spray some Body spray to cover the odor. 

Time to Go To Work

Once I arrive at work it is just going through the motions. Forced smile here, forced small talk there. As many cigarette breaks as I can muster without getting in trouble so I can scroll continuously through my phone and live anywhere but the real world. 

Texting and 

The day is close to the end. One of my friends texted me about hanging out. I text back that if they would like to come to my house that would be awesome. 

No. They want me to go over there. 

I am trying to think of an excuse as to why I can’t go over there, but that is getting exhausting. I just muster a maybe next time. It is not like I didn’t want to see my friend, but just thinking about going anywhere but going home made me cringe. I just wanted to stay at home, and not deal with the outside world. Traffic. Stupid people. 

Home At Last

I get home, and I have time for a shower, but that does not sound appealing still. Too time-consuming, too much work. Just too much. I instead opt for the comfortable couch and binge-watch something on Netflix.

 It’s starting to get late so maybe I should go to bed. I am tired, but I am not tired too. 

Eventually, I lay in bed, my mind won’t turn off, usually criticizing myself on what I could have done better that day. Also, I still stink and I know I’ll regret not showering in the morning, but oh well. I eventually fall asleep.

Rinse and Repeat

The morning is already here, and I wake up to my alarm and start the repeat process of snoozing my alarm all over again.

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My Question For You

What Does Depression Look Like To You?

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