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The Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist | The Baby Is Coming

by The Radically Adorkable Sarah
Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist - This picture is of a cute teddy bear with some clouds above it.

So my husband was talking to me the other day and said “Hey I really like your blog, but why don’t you also give mom advice. At first, I was like wait what? I responded with “I want to focus on Mental Health”. Then I had an epiphany; Mental health and being a mom so go hand in hand. So often being a mom you put yourself on the back burner. I wasn’t sure where I should start. Then the obvious hit me, start at the beginning, start when Ronald (My Son) was born. Think about what you wish you would have brought to the hospital. That is when I decided to create the Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist.

The average stay in the hospital for a vaginal delivery is 48 hours, while the average stay for a c-section is 96 hours. NOT INCLUDING THE day of delivery. (I Got My Information Here ) Knowing this information should give you a rough idea of how many outfits you need to pack for the start of your journey. What you don’t need to bring are diapers and wipes! (Unless you want to of course) The hospital supplied these things for my husband and me.

Moms Hospital Bag Checklist

Towels – Hospital Towels are tiny, you are already uncomfortable no need to make it worse with too small towels barely covering your behind.

Phone Charger – More Than Likely You’ll need this

Pillows – Up to you, but hospital pillows are not that great.

Pajamas – Have you ever been in a hospital gown? There is a slit up your backside that makes you feel every breeze possible known to man.

Robe – Want to take a stroll in the middle of the night to the coffee station? You will need something quick to get into, so you don’t have to get dressed.

Slippers/Non-Skid Socks – I was considered a fall risk because I had fallen at home (one of my dogs tripped me) The nurses were real sticklers about walking on my own and what not. *insert eye roll here* But hey if you don’t bring your own slippers/non-skid​ sock, you get a rocking free pair from the hospital. Let me tell you, they are stylish! [;

Underwear – I am not talking cute panties. I am talking too big for you panties. Ones that you can wear comfortably with a humungous pad.

Toiletries – Shampoo/Conditioner/Chapstick/deodorant/glasses/contacts/contact solution/hair ties/bobby pins

Breast pump – If you are going the breastfeeding route, and plan on pumping it is a good idea to bring your pump to the hospital. There are Lactation specialists that can show you how to use the pump. It is recommended to not pump the first 6 weeks as you can create an oversupply.

Dads Hospital Bag Checklist

So Now that we have covered a lot of the basics for mom, let us go over what the dad should bring.

Pillows – Dad should also bring a pillow because he is going to get the worst end of the deal. Mom gets the hospital bed, while dad gets the couch (If one is available), or chair that turns into a pull-out chair/bed thing.

Entertainment – iPad/Books/Magazine/Phone/Card Game [In my experience the wifi in hospitals suck along with cell service] and you are going to be there a while.

Snacks/Drinks/Vending Machine Money – Mom is going to get 3 meals a day with her hospital stay. Dad is going to get squat (maybe if you are lucky, he will get a coupon for the cafe or something.) Just be prepared.

Camera/Batteries – If you are old school and have a legit camera don’t forget batteries!

Babies Checklist

Car Seat – Don’t forget the car seat to take your precious baby home in! Also if you can I would play around with it before getting to the hospital. My husband and I had no idea how to work the car seat once we went to leave. Guess What? The hospital cannot let you leave without making sure that you know how to properly use the car seat! (This is Honestly a Good Thing)

My Son Ronald
My Son Ronald

Picture Outfit – Plan on a photographer stopping by the room to take pictures of your little peanut. If you are anything like me you will be like yes take all of the pictures! I didn’t even have a picture outfit planned! Luckily my son had the cutest outfit on.

Going Home Outfit – I didn’t really care what My son was wearing by the time it was time to go home. I was just READY to leave the hospital. But that doesnt mean you won’t care so i addded it just in case.

Different Size Outfits – Don’t Make the mistake thinking that your baby is going to come out and be able to wear newborn outfits! Depending on the weight/height I recommend bring outfits ranging from premie to newborn to 0-3 months.

So we covered what mom, dad, and baby are going to need while in the hospital. YAY. I really hope this Hospital Bag Checklist helped you moms out! Let Me Know in the Comments what you think! Or if you think I am missing anything let me know! [:

The Radically Adorkable Sarah

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