The Hospital Bag Checklist You Need

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Labor and Delivery List

Your due date is getting closer, and you feel like you’re not prepared. You don’t want to leave anything to chance, and you want your delivery to go perfectly smooth.

Searching google for things like “list of items required for delivery” or “what should I pack for my hospital stay for labor and delivery?”

I got you, Mama.

You could catch me searching Google and Pinterest al all hours because I wanted to make sure that nothing was left up in the air. Any new mom advice I could find and I was reading it all. Soaking every little bit in.

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Every where you look there are different answers. You should pack “blah blah blah”

Listen, no answer that is given is wrong. Everybody has their own preference. The preference that matters in this case, is yours. Do you want to be super prepared and have it all done as early as possible? Well, start packing!

If you want to wait as close to your due date as possible, that’s up to you too!

My personal recommendation is to pack your hospital bag no later than the beginning of the eighth month.


This is the most asked question the closer you get to delivery. Below I have it broken up into three different sections. Hospital bag checklist for mom, baby, and dad.

You can pack three different bags, or pack it all into one huge bag. (I used my son to be’s diaper bag as an extra bag)

Remember at a minimum you are in the hospital for two days, and that’s if you deliver vaginally.


Pregnant Woman Packing Hospital Bag
  • Your Birth Plan – You might have already discussed what your birth plan looks like with your OBGYN, but that does not mean the labor and delivery nurses know what you want.
  • Your Insurance Cards and ID – I remember going in to have my son and I’m waiting to go into the labor and delivery room and they straight up were like hey we need your insurance and ID before we get started.
  • Comfortable Clothes – Just trust me when I say, you will opt for comfy after delivery. Think sweat pants, tank tops, and large shirts.
  • Nursing Bras – If you plan on breastfeeding you will want a comfy nursing bra that helps make your boobs more accessible.
  • Nipple Butter – Your boobs will thank you if you’re breastfeeding and start applying nipple butter early. Breastfeeding for new moms is a learning curve! Who knows this could be your second time breastfeeding and there are still things to learn. You got this!
  • Your Breast Pump – The lactation consultants in the hospital are there to help you learn more about breastfeeding, and that includes getting to know your pump. If you don’t have a breast pump yet and are looking around you should check out Aeroflow to see if your insurance covers your breast pump! Mine was covered 100%! And even better they mailed me replacement parts for the first year free of charge!
  • Your Own Slippers or Non-Skid Socks – I kid you not, hospital don’t mess around when it comes to safety. Hospital non-skid socks are scratchy and just bleh. Bring your own. ➳ My favorite non-skid socks and slippers!
  • Pillows and Blanket – Albeit the hospital provides these, but you don’t know if you’re going to be comfortable with their pillows or blankets. I don’t know about you, but I love to sleep with my own pillow. No one wants to lay their head back and find out that they are indeed on a lumpy, plastic-covered pillow that crinkles with every head turn.
  • All The Toiletries You Can Think Of – Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Chapstick, Hair Ties, Bobby Pins, Deodorant, Contact Solution/Glasses Case. Hell, you might even want to bring your own toilet paper because hospital toilet paper is a little scratchy on the bum if you know what I mean.
  • I Can’t Stress This Enough BUT Bring Your Own Towels – The hospital towels are tiny! Lesson learned by this Momma.
  • Extra Long Charging Cable – The hospital beds make it almost impossible for charging cords to reach the bed, so if you want to be able to charge your phone and get to it without having to get up I’d invest in a long charging cord.


Newborn Baby
  • Car Seat – The hospital won’t let you leave until they see that the car seat is installed properly! I loved my infant car seat because of the base that made it easy to take my baby out anywhere, and it attached nicely to my jogging stroller.
  • Baby Clothes – You will want to pack different outfits of different sizes probably ranging from 0-3 months. You’re most recent ultrasound might have told you your baby is going to weigh “this much” and in reality will weigh “this much.” I love the clothes from honeybug if you’re looking for that perfect take home outfit.
  • Baby Hat and Socks – Your baby is learning to regulate their temperature. Don’t worry you will learn all the in’s and out’s of newborn care.
  • Picture Outfit – Plan on a photographer stopping by the room to take pictures of your little peanut. If you are anything like me you will be like “YES! Take all of the pictures!” I didn’t even have a picture outfit planned! Luckily my son had the cutest outfit on.
  • Bathing Essentials – If you don’t want to use the baby soap at the hospital and want to bring your own that is. I’d also decide if you are going to be Bathing Your Newborn immediately after birth or wait 48 hours after.


dad's hospital bag
Dad’s Hospital Bag

Dad’s really get the crap end of the deal. With them getting a couch or chair for their stay. The hospital treats moms like a queen. And well, the dads not so much. My husband got a coupon to the hospital deli, while I got all the meals free. Well not free free, but you know what I mean. So for the dad’s hospital bag . . .

  • Pillow AND Blanket – There was a nice pull-out couch, that my husband barely fit on. Mind you he is 6ft tall. 
  • Entertainment – The wifi was not that great and cell service sucked in the hospital. Be prepared for a similar situation and bring books/magazines/movies/cards! 
  • Snacks/Drinks/Vending Machine Money – Moms can’t eat until they give birth. But dads can eat while waiting. So have him bring snacks for himself and vending machine money! Especially vending machine money for when mom has given birth and wants to eat immediately. 
  • Camera/Batteries – If you are old school and don’t use your phone to take pictures, have dad bring a camera and batteries! 
  • Dad’s will also need toiletries, clothes, and towels!


The main things not to bring to the hospital are diapers and wipes!

Unless you have a preference for diapers and wipes that is.

The hospital is gracious enough to supply these items until it’s time to discharge. And they usually give you what is left that’s already in your hospital room. #WIN



Download Your Free Printable Hospital Checklist Guide ↞ Click Here and It’s All Yours (:


I think that about covers everything! Let me know in the comments if you think I missed anything.

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