The Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

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Without Coffee. . Nope Cant Even Begin to think of life without coffee.

As a new mom you learn that your coffee never stays hot for long. Usually by the time you get to have your second sip it is ice cold. The Radically Adorkable Mom thus began her quest to find coffee gifts for the coffee lover and gadgets to keep her coffee a decent temperature. Being a new mom you need to remember to take care of yourself

P.S. I Blame Lorelai Gilmore for my Coffee Addiction!

Team Rory & Jess ♥

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Coffee Lover Gifts

Coffee Lover Gifts Below 👇🏻

The Number 1 Coffee Gadget

This was truly a life saver. Make my cup of coffee and set it on this beautifuly gem. My coffee always stayed amazingly warm. No more microwaving my coffee!! 

Coffee Lover Gifts


Dreams do come true ! Espresso on the go. I love the fact that this can fit in my bag and I can have Espresso within minutes. The MiniPresso has a 30 Day Money Back guarantee. Which speaks high volumes for the product in itself. 

Coffee Lovers Gifts

Coffee Mug That Stays at the Temperature You Like!

I hate when my coffee is too cold, or too hot. What if you could have a cup that kept your coffee at a consistent temperature? This mug might be a little on the expensive side, but if you are an avid coffee drinker and drink coffee every single day like me. . . . let us say that you use this mug the entire year that means you pay .27 cents a day for temperature controlled coffee. Err Meh Gosshhh. 

Cute Coffee Mug Just Because

I Love Cute Coffee Mugs. This mug just caught my eye! Stupid Cute <3

This Locks AND Keeps Your Coffee Hot for 5 Hours!!

My son loves to try and drink whatever I am drinking. This mug locks and keeps my coffee hot hot hot! It is a win win! My son has thrown my mug, shook it, and done more than I’d like to care to admit. This mug is a childproof win. 

Coffee Inspiration at its Finest!!

Make all the coffee! Be your own Barista! The Coffee Recipe Book has it all! This book educates you about how to make the finest brew from picking the beans, the temperature of water, to grinders! From there you use what you learn and incorporate that into all the different recipes. No more Starbucks! Woot! Save all the monies!

Plan Your Life With This Coffee Inspired Planner

I am planner obsessed! Making to-do lists and finishing them make my heart smile. This planner has it all! Yearly, monthly, daily, and HOURLY sections. I probably own a gazillion planners. 

Coffee Gift for the Gilmore Girl Lover!

“Where you go I will Follow” 

Gilmore girls fans are already singing the theme song in their head about now. I felt that this would be an appropriate gift for coffee lovers! Gilmore Girls is like a walking advertisement for Cofffeee. 

The Best Coffee Pot that is NOT a Keurig

Want a large pot of coffee all to  yourself? To Share?

This Coffee Maker can do that. . .

Want just a cup of coffee to go? 

This Coffee Maker can do that. . .

Still want to use those K Cups because they are so so easy?

This Coffee Maker can do that.

Coffee Lovers Gifts

All The Coffee Lovers Gifts Are Amazing!

Coffee Lovers Everywhere are sure to love all the items on this coffee lovers gift guide! I close in the words of Lorleai Gilmore

“This is a jumbo coffee morning. I need coffee in an I.V.”

For More Fun Quotes about Coffee by Lorelai Click Here!

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