Know You are More than Enough

by Sarah
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You are More Than Enough

Everybody is riddled with self-doubt, but you have the power to turn that self-doubt into something magical. Remember that there will always be haters in life, and not everyone is going to agree with what you do. BUT GUESS WHAT? What they say, or think does not friggen matter. You are more than Enough.

You Are More Than Enough
Your Self Worth Begins With You

You are a bodacious babe. What does it matter what the barista at Starbucks thinks of you? Does what they think effect your life at all? The world cares so much about the image they show everyone. Most of the time people portray a fake image of themselves to the world through social media. *insert selfie here with a filter*

The only persons’ opinion that should matter is your own. I know that does not mean you are not going to take into consideration your significant others opinion, or your families BUT make sure that their intentions of giving you an opinion are pure.

Who do You Get Ready For?

When you get up in the morning? Are you showering for yourself? Getting Dressed for yourself? Or are you living your life for someone else?

I hope the answer to the above question was “I get ready for myself” because living your life for someone else is not a life. Having to Live up to someone else’s expectations when all you should be worried about is your own.

Fall In Love With Yourself

Treat yourself like the person you admire the most. It might seem weird, but when you look at yourself in the mirror shoot compliments to yourself. Like, “You are gorgeous”, or “I’d do me”. Buy yourself some flowers, or indulge yourself to a coffee. Invest in yourself. Manage yourself, like you would treat your greatest crush. You are your own worst Enemy.

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I Promise You are Enough

Repeat after me, “I am Enough”

But Just Repeating this phrase is not enough, you have to believe it. You are More Than Enough. You are Enough! Scream it for the world to hear. Look in the Mirror and Yell it at yourself. Gala Darling has this technique called Tapping and it is powerful. I’d definetly look into it, If I was you.

The Radically Adorkable Sarah

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Ashley November 19, 2019 - 5:21 pm

This is such an inspiring post, love it!


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