How to Make Christmas the MOST Magical for your Family!

by Sarah
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Magical Christmas

Making Christmas Magical Starts Here

There are TWO days left to the Christmas and I feel like I am no where ready! *insert internal freak-out here* How can I make Christmas magical for my family? Christmas is supposed to be the MOST magical (think rainbow farting unicorns) time of the year. Christmas is NOT just about the gifts. Christmas is about spending quality time with Family (whether that be your blood Family or friends who you have adopted as family). It is about giving and receiving love. 

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The Christmas To-Do List That Never Ends

🎄I Need to Clean My House – This one only seems like it will take forever because I have an 18 month old who will “help” me clean. I know other moms feel that. . . 

🎄 Finish Wrapping Gifts – Also seems super hard when the only time to wrap gifts is when your baby goes to bed and all you want to do is take a break from the day. 

Anyways Back on Topic. Lets make Christmas the most Bombest MOST Magical Experience for your Family!

When You Think of Christmas Magic What Comes to Mind?

Magical Christmas Cookies

Christmas Eve Traditions

Start the evening in the Kitchen, have the kids help make Santa his Christmas Cookies!! And then while the cookies are baking have them make a card for Santa telling Santa all that they are thankful for.Set cookies on the fireplace with a. Large glass of milk or maybe some bourbon (Thank you Peaky Blinders) Oh, and DONT forget about the reindeer. They need carrots to keep up their energy for flying all around the world.Make your Family Each a Christmas Eve Gift Basket that is not really a gift BUT an experience. Each family members basket would have Christmas Pajamas, and then there would be one gift for the entire family which for my family is a Christmas Movie! By far my favorite is Polar Express. My husband does not share this sentiment with me Sadly, he thinks that the animation looks creepy, BUT what does he know  *Everything  Else*

Christmas Day Traditions

I remember waking up when I was kid before everyone else and going into the living room to see all of what Santa Left under the tree, and in my stocking above the fireplace. Also I would look to see that Santa ate all his cookies! (Because that was super important)

Santas Gifts were never wrapped ( I sometimes wonder now if this was a way for my mom and dad to sleep in and let us kids play with the gifts from Santa ) Then I would creep into my Mom and Dads room and YELL “IT’S CHRISTMAS!! SANTA CAME!!! COME ON MOM AND DAD LETS GOOOOO!!”

Once all the gifts were unwrapped and we had winded down a bit. It was time for Christmas Breakfast! Think Pancakes, Bacon, Sausage, Eggs, Bagels, Oranges, basically any breakfast food that makes most homosapiens excited.

Christmas didn’t end there, there was still Christmas Dinner and then Egg Nog Toasts. Now this is something that you may not be familiar with, but every year my family would gather around the Christmas Tree and grab champagne flutes fill them up with egg nog, and we would all take turns saying what we were thankful for and what are hopes and wishes were for the coming year.


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