Foods that help produce breastmilk

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Foods That Help Produce Breast Milk

Breastfeeding is no easy feat, even though others might tell you that it is! You are worried about your milk supply, or you are simply just looking for ways to increase what you already make. Foods that help produce breastmilk are considered lactogenic. 

Have you ever heard of the word Lactogenic

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Well, to be honest before I began breastfeeding I had never heard of it either.  Lactogenic is the term used to induce/promote the secretion of milk. To naturally boost your breastmilk supply your body need lactogenic foods. 

But enough of this science talk and let’s get to “the list” that you are here for.  Remember to always check with your doctor before changing your diet.  

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List of Foods To Produce More Breastmilk

16 Foods to Increase Breast Milk Production

  1. Avocado are high in fat and help leave you feeling fuller longer. Which for us nursing moms is a win because we are always hungry. 
  2. Eggs have always been known to be healthy. They are loaded with vitamins, amino acids, and increase the good cholesterol in your body! Just make sure that while nursing that you are not consuming raw eggs. 
  3. Asparagus is a source of tryptophan, which stimulates prolactin. As long as you are okay with your pee smelling funny for that boost in your milk supply, asparagus is gold. 
  4.  Salmon has DHA which  important for development of your babies nervous system. Naturally increases your supply while also giving your baby a dose of Vitamin D. 

  5.  Almonds can increase the healthy-fat in your breast milk. Almonds are high in minerals such as iron, calcium, and zinc! They also are a good source of vitamin K and B. 

  6. Sweet Potatoes are full of beta-carotene which is needed when nursing!  Beta-carotene is full of vitamin A and is one of the reasons that colostrum has that yellowish color. 


7-9. Leafy Dark Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and kale are good for nursing moms! You might find sources that say don’t eat these because they can cause gas in baby. Ignore that!! What causes gas in you does not cause gas in babies. Scientifically speaking the carbohydrate that turns what you eat into gas does not transfer into breastmilk. 

10. Barley stimulates the proaction hormone, which is ahhhhmazing. Barley has been used over 2,000 years to increase milk production! 

11. Oats also increase the levels of the prolactin hormone! As a bonus it is good for your digestive system. 

12. Brewers Yeast is full of vitamins that promote lactation.

13. Whole Grains have a form of fiber called Beta-glucan  which increase that prolactin level!! Yay! Whole grains are the richest dietary source for beta-glucan. 

14-15. Dill Leaves and Garlic  are powerful galactagogues! As for the garlic as long as you aren’t dracula I’d say it’s safe for you 😉

16.  Cows Milk can help your baby from getting a milk allergy. 

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Remember the best and most efficient way to produce more milk is to empty the breast as often as possible!! 

When your boobs become empty after your baby nurses off of you, a signal is sent to your boobs to produce more milk. 

Now, let’s say that your nursing session was interrupted for whatever reason. And you can’t pump or anything.  Your boobs are now sending a signal to your milk making machine that you don’t need to make as much milk. 

If a nursing session gets interrupted try and pump, or try and start the session again as soon as possible. 



Every mom worries about their milk supply! Remember those Galactoagogues I was talking about earlier?

These are Galactoagogues! Increase your breastmilk today!

If you decide to take these supplements, get the bottle with 180 pills. You are required to take 1 pill three times a day for it to be effective! 

Liquid Gold helps increase your milk production, I noticed an improvement within the first week! I made an extra 2 oz a session! 

Pump Princess helps increase supply and helps with your milk flow, which better milk flow is less time attached to the pump. 

Milkapalloza was my favorite! Get your needed vitamins to nourish yourself and baby AND help with milk production naturally. 

Breast Feeding Tips to Boost Your Milk Supply


Wrapping up, there are simple tricks to keep you happy with your supply by doing these three things. I mentioned before about emptying your breasts frequently to increase your supply. 

But I didn’t tell you how important it is to stay hydrated!! Drink plenty of water, your baby is literally stealing your water supply to make breast milk.  I mean 80% of breast milk is water. 

And as a new mother you probably keep putting yourself on the back burner, not making meals for yourself and just concentrating on babies needs. DON’T DO THIS. You need to increase you caloric intake by 500 calories to keep up with how much work your body is doing to produce breast milk. 

Many moms worry that they don’t make enough milk. But this is not true. Just because Karen pumps 10 oz a session, does not mean that you should be pumping 10 oz a session. In truth Karen is probably an over producer and is more likley to have breastfeeding complications. Such as clogged ducts and mastitis. 

If you are worried about your milk supply you should set up a meeting with a lactation consultant or go to a breastfeeding support group to do something called a weighted feed. 

Sometimes all it takes is visually being able to see how much your baby is eating per nursing session to relax on the whole “I’m not making enough milk” front. 

Trust your body Momma! Trust in yourself. You got this! 




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