Everything You Need to Know About a Newborn

by Sarah
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Newborn Baby

Everything you need to know about newborns is they are easier than toddlers. They sleep for a while, they eat drink breastmilk or formula (Fed is best, keep those unsolicited opinions to yourself) and poop like no tomorrow. 

I Wish I Could Sleep Like a Newborn

Before having a baby of my own I did not realize how much a newborn could sleep. Lets just say that out of twenty-four hours in a day that a newborn is sleeping at least sixteen of them.

Doesn’t that sound amazing! Well it would be if they didn’t do it in two to three hour periods. *insert forehead slap here* 

I remember my husband and I taking turns on who would be awake with the baby because us adults need sleep in a greater chunk then three hours!

I remember when we had to venture out to walmart for something or other and my son was still oh so tiny! I was exhausted, my husband was exhausted. I remember my husband carrying groceries in and I decided to lay down on the floor with my baby boy. I was sooooo tired. I pulled my sunglasses on because I literally didn’t want to have to get up and turn off the light. I pulled the boppy towards me…*as that was the closest thing near me* and I just rested my head..hoping I would get a few minutes of shut eye. My husband snapped this beautiful picture of me. *which I of course hate and love* 

It Will Seem Like Your Baby is ALWAYS Hungry

I am pretty sure that there is an imprint on the couch of my butt from my sons newborn days. During the day when I was awake, netflix became my best friend. Babies aren’t very entertaining. There isn’t much to do with them. I said it before but I’ll say it again. Everything you need to know about a newborn is that they eat, sleep, and poop. Rinse and repeat. 

I would get settled on the couch in the morning. My boppy pillow on me, and my son on the boppy. Water bottle within arms reach. Netflix turned on. *I Binged watched all of Criminal Minds

It would seem like my son was always hungry! Which he really was, but not because he wasn’t eating! It is because newborns stomachs are so small they they empty faster!!! 

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The day your baby is born their stomach is the size of a cherry!! Meaning that they can only eat about 5-7ml every couple of hours. Of course their stomach gets bigger every day, but it isn’t till they are a month old before their stomach is the size of an egg.  Just look at the chart below for more specifics!  

Everything Newborn Related

My baby slept on me, ate on me, and I changed so many diapers! But the downtime is enough to make you go insane! I would end up having conversations with my son just for fun even though he couldn’t talk back. 

I remember when I would get around another adult and I would have word vomit. I am sure there were plenty of people who thought I was crazy. Like the unknowing gas station attendant. 

Poop Questions You Never Thought You'd Ask In a Million Years. . .

Why is my babies poop mustard yellow? Throw up Green? Is it supposed to be this runny? How does my baby have diarrhea? Is my baby constipated? Did he just poop on me!!! Gahhhh He did poop on me! 

These are a series of questions I had about my sons poop. And I guess one statement. I can’t express how much The Bumps Baby Poop Guide saved my sanity!! It answers so many questions. 

Everything you need to know about a newborn is they sleep, eat, and poop A LOT. It can seem a little lonely at times, but the cuddles and cute baby faces make up for it. 


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