What It Means to Be Super Mom

by Sarah
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Super MOm

When I think of “Super Mom” I think of a mom who goes above and beyond for their kids. They do more than just provide the necessities of life like food and shelter. They take time out of their day to sit with their kids on the floor and play with them.  They give continuous unconditional love! 

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What is a Super Mom?

Lets break this down with some definitions pulled straight from the dictionary. 

Super: of high grade or quality

Mom: a female parent 

SUPER MOM –> BAM  those definitions together and you get  a female parent of high grade or quality!  

Supermom 2020

11 Ways in 2020 to Become a Super Mom

This is for those readers who don’t really want to read and just want a quick skim 😉 

You are Welcome

  1. Be Present for Your Kids
  2. Lower Your Expectations
  3. Be able to say No
  4. Read More to Your Children
  5. Take Care of Yourself
  6. Let Your Kids Be Kids
  7. Play with Your Kids
  8.  Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Moms
  9. Be Prepared For Anything
  10. Grocery Pick Up
  11. Talk to Your Kids

Hello? Anybody There?!

hello supermom

Something that I need to work on myself, is actually being present. And by present I don’t mean being in the same room. I mean giving my son my undivided attention. Putting my phone down, turning the TV off, and getting on the floor to play with blocks, or read the same book a bajillion times.  

How would you feel if all you wanted was your mom or dads attention and they just sat there staring at their phone, or watching their TV Show and making the “Uh Huh” noise at you. 

Supermoms play with their Kids, Supermoms don’t pretend to be present they ARE present. Be a Supermom and be 100% present. 

Why Does NOTHING Ever Go As Planned?!


I started pulling my hair out as I wrote that headline because I felt like I was screaming at myself. Before having a child I was a planner. I had everything planned from the time I woke up, to the time I went to bed. 

When you have a child you realize that you are no long in control of when you do things anymore.

Example: ME: Oh Yay, I have Time to do the Dishes *insert happy dance here* 

MY SON: Climbs on top of dishwasher and goes to grab the knife

ME: Ronald No, Get Down, Don’t Grab that, You are going to get hurt, be careful please. * Picks up Ronald and takes him into living room with his toys, shuts baby gate* I am going back to doing the dishes.

MY SON: Momma Noooooo *Cries* 

ME: *sighs* I’ll do the dishes later. . .

Now Yes, I could have just let him cry at the gate and done the dishes, BUT my husband works nights and is sleeping in the room down the hall. Even if my husband didn’t work nights though I would probably still opt to do the dishes later and  just go to the living room with my son. 

My motto is lower your expectations. Make plans for the day, but don’t get upset if not everything goes as planned. Supermoms don’t cry over spilled milk. Shit happens. *shrugs* 

This Supermom Says NOOOOO

Supermom Says Nope
There is a BIG difference to being a supermom for your kids and looking like a “supermom” to everyone else. Don’t add a crap ton of stuff to your plate that does not need to be there.

BT DUBS –> Best Planner to get Organized

Learning to say no is big step in the right direction to becoming Supermom in 2020. Saying no to your kids, saying no to invites out that  you don’t have the energy or time for.I don’t know about you, but I suck at juggling. Literally and figuratively. So I try not to feel guilty if I can’t go to every single birthday party my family has invited me to.Also, saying no to your kids is a Supermom quality. Every kid in the world wants that YES answer to going over to a friends house, or  going to the movies. BUT when you tell your kids no they learn that they can’t do everything that they want to just because they want to.P.S. One of my sons first words was no. Go figure.

Read all the Books Everyday

mom 2020 Reads
Since my son was little I made reading part of his bedtime routine. One book at bedtime. You will never believe that we don’t actually read before bed anymore. there is a reason for that though. . .We literally read all day, everyday. My son is 18 months old as I write this. He will walk up to his book shelf  grab whatever book suits his fancy that day and hand it to us to read to him. HE KNOWS if we skip pages, HE KNOWS If we don’t read what is on the page correctly. He will turn the page back, and he will point at it with this look on his face like “You better read this right mommy or else!”I have had to replace some of the books already like ABC Dr. Seuss, and Almost Everybody Farts as those are his favorite. Then of course there is Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You.I can attest that reading to my son everyday has been a blessing as he knows so so many words already. Such as Nighty Night, Hi, Bye, Ball, Light, Whats that, Look, No, Table, Chair, Momma, Dadda, No, Yes, Grandpa, Pop Pop, Book, Ba Ba, and there are more but you get the idea.Here is a look at Your 18 Month Old’s Language and Cognitive Development if you are interested.

The Feel Good Supermom

Supermom 2020 Takes Care of Herself

Supermoms feel good because they take care of themselves! They know that a mom who feels good physically and mentally can handle anything. They know that if they were not on top of taking care of themselves some obstacles would be harder to handle then others. 

I have had my fair share of days where I have been  a crabby, cankerous butthead, and everyone around me knew it. I didn’t have as much patience. My usually very long fuse was short. 

On the days I felt good, where I was able to shower, drink a cup of coffee, and take 10-15 minutes to myself. My Patience was as long as the Great Wall of China. Check out my article 11 Promising Ways to Practice Self-Care to kick up your feel good ;]

Let Your Kids Be Kids

supermom rainbow

Do you remember what it’s like to be a kid? Do you truly remember? It can be very stressful learning how to function in a world you didn’t exist in not too long ago. 

Kids are going to make mistakes, but it is not the end of the world. Teach them right from wrong. 

Kids aren’t perfect! They are imperfectly perfect. 

This Supermom is Playing Tag Boo-Yah

Kids love to play, and you know what? YOU love to play too. I bet that if you played with your kids like you were a kid you’d have a blast. 

Today I got down on all fours and chased my son while RAWRING at him from behind. And when I would catch up with him I would tickle him mercilessly till he would get away and then the chasing would begin again. *Tag!! Mom is it Forever* 

P.S. You learn how out of shape you are too..

OMG! That Mom Does "That" Way Better Than I Ever Could!!!!

Moms Don't Compare

Everybody compares themselves to someone else. Everybody always thinks that someone is doing it better. STOP IT!!!

While you are comparing yourself to so and so your kid is looking at you with love and admiration. They don’t care that Susie was able to take all 4 children to the supermarket without any of them acting up. They just care how you act with them! 

Supermoms don’t care what other people think of them. Supermoms ONLY care that their kids are taken care of to the fullest. 

Supermoms Are Prepared for Basically Anything


Every mom that I know has that one bag, that seems to have everything you could ever need at any given moment.

Toys for Entertainment ✓

Medicine: such as Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Benadryl, Gas Drops, Gripe Water, bandaids with characters on them ✓✓

Teething Rings ✓

Extra Clothes

Extra Sippy Cups 

Water Bottles 

The End of the World ✓ (Just Kidding on this one) 

2020 Supermoms are PREPARED. 

Why Yes I am that Mom that Does Grocery Pickup

2020 Pickup

I know so many people who look down on people that do Grocery Pick up. * Insert Eye Roll Here *

Just because someone uses grocery store pick up does not make them lazy, actually it is quite the opposite. When you use grocery store pick up you save time and money!! No more impulse shopping, you get what you get!  

Life is so much easier when your grocery shopping is not dictated by your child sitting in the cart, grabbing every single item, off every single shelf that you pass.  Or lets just say your child decides to throw a tantrum in the store (don’t worry we have all been there).  Ther is no need to worry about that anymore. . .thank goodness. 

Supermoms Talk to Their Kids

Kids love to connect with people. HECK people love to connect with people.  Talking with your kids makes you not only  the best mom, it makes you a supermom

Talk to your kid about your day, ask them about theirs! Talk about boundaries, talk about feelings, JUST talk. 

Super simple really. 

So There You Have it 11 Ways to Be Supermom in 2020

Supermoms are just moms who love their kids and want the best for them! They want to be there for them now and forever. What makes a mom a supermom to you? Share in the Comments!!

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