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Depression: 6 Ways to Help

by The Radically Adorkable Sarah
Depression is like drowning, this photograph shows a hand sticking out in the middle of an ocean

What is Depression Exactly? For me, it was a constant state of just existing. Nothing really gave me a reason for wanting to be alive. I literally just existed to go through the motions of each day.

“I don’t want to get out of bed.”

“ Yes, I am Hungry but, I do not feel like eating.”

“I would love to want to go out, but the thought of actually going out makes me feel like I would have to do too much to go out. Like shower and stuff.”

When I was depressed, a shower seemed like too much work. I remember the first time I took a shower after a month and when I went to dry off, all this dead skin just flaked off of me. The sight made me shudder at how disgusting I was.

Food was an inconvenience. The fridge was too far away, even though it was only 5 feet. Then I would think about how if I did get up I’d actually have to prepare something, and then there would be dishes to clean. So it was better to just not eat.

Eventually I decided to take charge of my life. I knew that I did not want to live this way anymore.

Now, remember that the things that helped me crawl out of my hole, may or may not help you. Everyone is different. I can tell you what I did in hopes that it does help you. Because my goal is to give you magnificent creatures tidbits of advice to make your life easier.


I am sure you have heard it before that exercising can improve your happiness due to those pesky hormones raging through your body. Well, it is not just a rumour, so get out there and start moving.

Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.

Legally Blonde


I am serious, one of the best things I ever did was go to therapy. Just being able to talk to someone can take a lot off the mind. Everything is confidential. Judgment free zone! Getting to the root of my depression (holding onto the past) and being able to move forward.


If therapy is not your thing, or you do not have the means to pay for therapy, just write out what you are thinking. If they are negative thoughts BURN the writing after you are done as a way to be rid of all that negative energy. It can be very cathartic.  [Burn Baby Burn]  There is always room for improvement in life. I personally believe in writing out lists of things to do that make you happy.


Music can be cleansing to the soul! Make a playlist and dance a little or a lot! Choose the music you will be listening to very carefully. Just like the saying you are what you eat, you are what you listen to! Spotify is great for having playlists at the ready, with mood-boosting songs. I personally love 80’s Music!


I know that changing your mindset is easier said than done, but the mind is a very powerful organ and just changing the way you think, even by a little, can help you in the long run. Smile EVEN when you do not want to. For every negative thought, think of two positive thoughts.


Last, but not least go to the doctor and see if they can help you! I know what you are thinking I don’t need antidepressants! I thought the exact same thing, till one day I was on the couch in the fetal position crying, unsure of what to do. My doctor prescribed Zoloft and I now call that little blue pill, my happy pill. Zoloft is literally serotonin “the happy hormone” in pill form. This does not work overnight, but within a couple of weeks I could definitely tell the difference in my mood, and so could my husband. (:

Consequently, there is no easy fix for depression, it is hard to overcome. Especially if you are on your own with no support. The fact of the matter is at least you are trying!

Repeat that one more time for yourself, YOU ARE TRYING!

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luisa zambrotta September 24, 2019 - 9:59 am

Great tips
Thank you for sharing

RadicallyAdorkable September 24, 2019 - 11:19 am

Thank you for Reading

Shanaya October 3, 2019 - 6:18 pm

Well written … this could actually be helpful!

[email protected] October 3, 2019 - 6:46 pm

Thank You so much, I am really hoping to help individuals.


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