31 Delightful Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Kiddos

by Sarah
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If you are anything like me, you are already started your Christmas Gift List. Or you have been writing it since Christmas ended last year. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. I love the fact that families get together, and there is laughing that can be heard for miles. Oh, and don’t get me started on the food.

When my son Ronald’s first Christmas came about, I was stumped on what to get him. Literally, I could not think of what a 6-month-old needs. *obviously he didn’t really need much or care* BUT I did. So This list is compiled in a way that hopefully helps you and the mental block that comes with Christmas gift ideas for kids under two!

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0-6 Months Gift Ideas

When your baby is this young, there really isn't much in all honesty that they need. You could use this opportunity though to buy them stuff that they will eventually use! Or things they need!

  1. Play Mats – My son absolutely adored this when he was young, he really loved playing with the textured areas.

2. Marvel Outfits – Because Let Me tell you, your baby will look super cute as the HULK

3. Bibs – What I really Like about these bibgs are the fact that there is a pocket that catches any food that misses the mouth!

4. Blocks – Stack Them Up and Knock em Down

5. Dr. Seuss Board Books – I have literally memorized the ABC Dr. Suess Board Book, and have already had to buy another one due to  wear and tear because my son loves having it read to him so much. 

6. Blankets – I Do Not Think You Can Have Enough Blankets!!

7. Hooded Towels – For one, these towels look super cute on your kid, and for two the hoods keep my babes head warm from the bathroom to his room

8. Rubber Ducky Temperature Gauge – This saved my anxiety when giving my baby a bath! Worried mom brain asking questions like “is this too hot?” On the bottom there is a blue circle that turns white when too hot. Some people don’t like the way the duck looks, but I didn’t necessarily buy it for its looks lol

9. I called this thing a thingamajig but it is really called a Manhattan Toy Rattle and I loved how easy this was for my son to grip onto and how much he loved chewing on it.

10. A Mirror for the Back Seat – I don’t Know about you, but I NEEDED this. I Needed to be able to glance in my rearview mirror and make sure my child was okay.

Gifts 6-12 Months

11. V-Tech Busy Learners – I know I keep saying “My Son”, but he is all I have to go off of lol He loved playing with this!

12. Smart Stages Puppy – This has 3 different levels, with lots of songs, and cuteness galore. Some Days My son is really into this toy, other days he sits all by his lonesome in the toy bin lol

13. Baby Activity Cube – I don’t actually own this one, but anytime I go to the public library with Ronald, he always goes to this first.

14. V-Tech Baby Rattle and Sing Puppy – All I can say is great car seat toy

15. The First Years Stack Up Cups – I started playing with these cups when Ronald was about 6 months old, and he still plays with them today. (He is 17 months)

16. Leap Frog Toys Little Office Center – This helped Ronald have something to stand up at and play once he got to the pulling himself up part. Still currently in the living room, getting daily use

17. Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper – Do you need to do the dishes? LOL I used this in the kitchen with me when I needed to clean for 5-15 minutes. Life Saver, and on the plus side build them leg muscles

18. Little Tykes Bath Letters and Numbers – Great for early learning, and play. Ronald enjoys being able to stick them to the wall.

19. Fisher-Price Corn Popper – So Cute Story, anytime I pull out the Vacuum to well Vacuum. My son grabs his Corn Popper Vacuum and follows me around “Helping”

20. Fisher-Price Basic Boppin’ Activity Bugs – This was actually one of my sons first Christmas Gifts, and it took him a while to figure It out, but once he did he had a blast with it.

12-18 Month Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids Under Two

21. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Tablet – AMAZING Car seat Toy! This one actually NEVER leaves my car. He will play on it till his little heart is content.

22. Fisher-Prices Rock a Stack and Block Bundle – I actually got these things for my son before he was born, didn’t realize at the time he wouldn’t quite grasp how to play with these till later. BUT now that he is 15 months he is starting to get the hang of it ♥

23. Little Tikes First Slide – At 15 months old, my son can climb up the back and slide down on his own [Giving Mommy a Heart Attack] He is super independent.

24. Little Tikes High Back Toddler Swing – I do not know any kid that does not absolutely love this swing ♡

25. Picasso Tiles – I really think My son will like playing with these, watching his expression when they stick together and pull apart *this mom is excited*

26. Spike the Fine Motor HedgeHog – I This worked amazingly with helping my son fine tune his motor skills! 

27. First Builders Big Building Bag – This was a huge hit in my home! Blocks for days upon days, upon days. If you catch my drift. 

28. Little Engineer Multifunctional Kid’s Musical Learning Tool Workbench – I really just want to get this so Ronalds Dad and him can look cute “working” together in the garage lol

29. Sesame Streets “Lets Dance” Elmo – My kid is obsessed with Elmo lol If I don’t have to watch another episode of Sesame Street it’ll be too soon

30. Little Tikes Rocking Horse – I’m Really Hoping He Will Like This Too

31. Sesame Street Sofa – Like I said Before my son loves Elmo, soo I am betting he would love his own Elmo Recliner

Don’t Stress about What to Buy though! Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones more than anything! Yes, gifts are fun, but there is more to it than that. If you are looking more for books I know where you need to go



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