They sleep for a while, they eat drink breastmilk or formula (Fed is best, keep those unsolicited opinions to yourself) and poop like no tomorrow.

Toddlers Make you crazy

In a good way if that is possible. My son is indeed the love of my life, but also my own worst nightmare. The constant worry for your child’s safety is enough to drive the most sane person friggen bonkers. 

If I don’t have a cup of coffee in the morning, or throughout my day. I do not know if I’d be able to function. Yes, I am an addict. No, I am not sorry. 

Coffee Gift Guide - This image shows a cup of coffee on a table. The coffee mug reads begin on the side
I wish being a mom came with a handbook, but it doesn't. I have created this "space" to put the knowledge that I have acquired since becoming a mom to help other moms who are in need of a little extra "Help" so to speak.
Sarah High

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